Review: Biography of Desire

◆ Biography of Desire by Adria Guinart
◆ Read September 2012
◆ English Edition
❝ Biography of Desire explains the history of a wounded person, where pain comes from, how it manifests, how it translates to anguish. It is a trip from childhood to maturity, a journey through an ocean sometimes unruly, sometimes calm, with heaps of storms, generally inner ones. The experience of this inner journey through different states of being starts with a rape, a childhood sexual abuse which marks the tides and the waves erasing happy memories.
The poetic-I is a broken voice, sometimes on the verge of existentialism, some others speaking from depression and mental disorder; almost always from the strangeness of a world which is too beautiful and sinister at the same time, which he is unable to understand. Biography of Desire is an attempt to understand such duality.
I recieved this book as a giveaway a long, long time ago. In all honesty, I had forgotten about it's existence until recently when I was cleaning my room. I rarely read poetry, and I never review it, but I wanted to make an exception because the writer took the liberty to send it to me and because he was extremely kind. That's why I've tried my best to write a decent review, despite my inexperience with reviewing poetry.

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